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I’m very glad I wasn’t the one editing this week’s episode of Travel Waterloo. The conversation we had had with Sean was extensive, interesting and very inspiring, and condensing that into a little more than two minutes was a tall task. 

Lark Brewing is Waterloo’s newest craft brewery, located below Beck’s Taproom & Grill on University Avenue. Sean and his team are creating some excellent beers while also building the area’s craft brewing future. Sean began brewing beer at home and he’s continued to perfect his craft (pun intended) ever since. He has been working toward opening his own brewery for three-plus years, and the opportunity presented to him with the space at Beck’s was perfect.

Blog Lark Brewing Beer Tanks Episode 24

Lark doesn’t have a “flagship” beer as of yet. There are dozens of recipes to try and the team wants to see what we, the consumers, like best. There were a couple of beers aging while we filmed the episode, and we had a chance to try them. Based on what we had, which was beer maybe halfway ready, we’re all in for a real treat when the beer goes into kegs and is ready for our glasses.

A good portion of our conversation focused on the development of new craft brewers and breweries. Sean is working with local home brewers to help them take recipes that work in their kitchens and scale them up to larger production. His hope is this plan will help foster growth of craft brewing in our community, so where there are two (soon to be three) craft breweries in Waterloo, there may be 5, 10 or more. The goal is to make Waterloo and Iowa the next craft brewing mecca.

Blog Lark Brewing Sean & Aaron Episode 24

So maybe you’re not a huge beer fan. Or maybe you want to check it out but have friends, family or a significant other who isn’t a big beer fan. What do you do? You go to Lark Brewing. The beer is excellent, and the selection of craft cocktails and craft sodas is outstanding! Lark makes soda themselves and uses that in one of their specialty cocktails. They also have one of the most unique lineups of spirits behind the bar, making the cocktails a really distinctive experience. 

One of the most unique aspects of Lark Brewing is the crowler. A crowler is a 32-ounce can filled to order with the beer of your choice. There’s a special machine that seals the can, allowing you to take the beer to go, and preserving that beer for longer than what's possible in a growler (64 ounce bottle). The beer is great and you can introduce others to that beer more easily too.

Blog Lark Brewing Beer Flight Episode 24

I know you’re waiting for my recommendation…and that recommendation is this: Try a flight first. Get a sample of all of the brews and then have a Lil Bear, the Imperial IPA made with local honey. If I had to have just one, it would be a Lil Bear. It is awesome. And not to be superstitious, but I happened to have a Lil Bear last Saturday when I was watching the Cubs win the NLCS. What’s a Cub? A lil bear…

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- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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We’ve featured some iconic Waterloo pizza places this year. You got to see Basal Pizza before it opened. We took you to lunch at The Other Place (OP). We even shared a secret pizza place with you – The Brown Bottle. But there's still more great pizza to tell you about. So using some recommendations from our viewers, Zay and I got to sample pizza from three places we were told had the best pizza in Waterloo.

Blog Pizza Episode 23

Mama Nick’s Circle Pizzeria is an historic Waterloo business, serving great pizza for more than 50 years. It has been in its current location since 1970, growing and expanding several times over the years. The secret spices and seasoning are still used today, and they make a fantastic pizza. The crust is a hand-tossed style and it makes for an awesome pie. Zay and I both liked that the pepperoni was on top of the cheese. Mama Nick’s delivers throughout much of Waterloo and the surrounding communities, and they also feature and All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Tuesday through Friday and also Sunday at lunchtime. The pizza is great and the chicken is equally as good!

Blog Restaurant Episode 23

Damon’s is a sports bar and grill located in the Kimball Ridge area. Damon’s is a relatively small, but very inviting place to grab a bite to eat and watch a game. The food at Damon’s is outstanding, plus they have a variety of menu options. When we interviewed Mayor Hart earlier in the year, he didn’t want to play favorites when I asked him his favorite pizza place, but Damon’s was certainly on the list. I can see why. They use TONS of cheese and both Zay and I loved that the pizza was cut into square pieces. Zay thought it felt like a party. I liked it so much I got one for my family the next night.

Blog Menu Episode 23

Z’s Restaurant & Lounge is located on Airline Highway. They feature daily specials like goulash, ham salad sandwiches, chicken and biscuits, and of course great pizza. Zay’s dad was one of the most vocal proponents of Z’s and both of us found out why. The crust was halfway between the thicker Mama Nick’s and the thinner Damon’s, and there was a nearly perfect balance of sauce, toppings and cheese. 

Mama Nick’s, because of its history in Waterloo, is one of the most recognizable pizza places in town. The other two we checked out may not have the history, but they know how to make a great pizza. It would be worth your time to check out any of the three we featured next time you’re headed out or want to bring a pizza home. Also, given that Zay and I obviously enjoy pizza, we’d love to hear other great options. Share your recommendations on our Facebook page and help me figure out where to have lunch.

Follow the hashtag #IDigWaterloo for photos, videos, and travel inspiration.

- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Damon's Sports Bar & Grill, Mama Nick's Circle Pizzeria, Z's Restaurant & Lounge.

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I mentioned in a recent Facebook post that a major benefit of filming Travel Waterloo is finding out new things about some of my favorite places. As we filmed this week’s episode, I had a chance to learn new things and spend some time with some really awesome members of our community. 

Blog Bar Episode 22

The Brown Bottle is located in the historic Russell Lamson building at the corner of 5th and Commercial Streets in downtown Waterloo. The Russell Lamson, built in 1913, was the largest west of Chicago at the time. It was purchased in the early 1970s and at that time, Don Landau (Chuck’s father) was approached about putting a restaurant in the building. From 1974 to today, Brown Bottle has served amazing Italian food. I didn’t realize until we sat down to chat that the original menu had eight entrees on it. They were, for the most part, recipes developed by Chuck’s mother in the family’s kitchen. Those original eight are still part of the menu today.

Blog Appetizer Episode 22

The Brown Bottle proudly makes everything in house. The dressings, like the creamy garlic and thousand island, are crafted in small batches and you can even take home a pint. Chuck, Joanna and I talked about the garlic bread, and they shared that one person hand-cuts and hand-butters all the bread they use for both garlic bread and the toasties that come with your salad. They use approximately 100 loaves at a time, cut into 12 slices each. So there’s someone preparing 1200 slices of garlic bread daily.

Blog Food Episode 22

In the 42 years that Brown Bottle has been in Waterloo, the menu has remained very consistent. There have been some changes, but the classics like lasagna, spaghetti and chicken marsala have remained as they were originally prepared in Chuck’s mother’s kitchen. The pizza is something many don’t always gravitate to initially, but it is definitely worth venturing away from “the usual” to try. And definitely save room for dessert! The brownie pie is outstanding and the most popular dessert on the menu.

Brown Bottle’s atmosphere is really unique, and Joanna told me that they have expanded the library significantly over the years, as guests have come to love that part of the restaurant.

Blog Library Episode 22

Both Landaus told me that they are sometimes seen as a “special occasion” restaurant, but they have regulars who are in sometimes multiple times each week. We were there on a Monday and there were a number of tables, even early in the evening. The daily specials provide some additional reason to try Brown Bottle as an everyday treat, not just a night to celebrate. On Mondays, bottles of wine are half price. Kids eat free on Tuesdays. The Early Bird specials are available all night long on Wednesdays. Brown Bottle offers a special “date night” menu on Thursdays. Martinis are half price and appetizers are $2 off on Friday nights. 

Maybe you’ve never been, or maybe it has been awhile since you were a guest at Brown Bottle. Either way, you owe it to yourself to introduce, or re-introduce, yourself to some of the best food and hospitality you’ll find, served to you like family.

Follow the hashtag #IDigWaterloo for photos, videos, and travel inspiration.

- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Our visit to Heartland Farms made me excited for a return visit with my kids. Each fall, hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins are harvested and are used to decorate the grounds. Families will visit over the next several weekends and have opportunity to enjoy the celebration. While I’ve visited before, this visit gave me a new perspective on Heartland Farms.

Blog Punkinator Episode 21

1. The Punkinator. Owner, Dave Myers, built the Punkinator himself, after sketching it on a napkin with a buddy. This thing is unbelievable! There are cars that have been destroyed by pumpkins being fired at them from a metal cannon. Pumpkins can travel more than a quarter mile, and Dave has shot them more than 700 feet in the air. It is a blast (pun intended) to see the Punkinator in use.

2. Haunted House. We found out that the haunted house is Hollywood scary. There isn’t anything that reaches out and grabs you. There’s a startle, but it isn’t something that kids can’t walk through with an adult. Dave and his team have built the haunted house from scratch and take pride in the craftsmanship and showmanship.

Blog Haunted House Episode 21

3. Hay Rides. There’s a great opportunity to be pulled through the pumpkin patches and around the farm, taking in fall colors, and checking out the sights and sounds. You get a really fun perspective of the attractions and all of the activity as you look back to the south and east. 

4. Jumping Pillow & Bouncy Houses. The jumping pillow and bouncy houses are a great activity for kids of all ages. On a cooler fall day, you don’t have to worry about burning your feet or getting too sweaty, and you have the opportunity to go back and forth to jump as you spend time with other activities too.

Blog Pumpkins Episode 21

5. Animals. There are farm animals for kids to interact with, and it is great fun to see youngsters checking out the chickens, pigs, sheep and other animals who make Heartland Farms their home throughout the year.

You have opportunity to spend as much time as you want with all of these activities. In addition, with pumpkins as far as the eye can see, you’ll get into the fall and Halloween spirit. You can take a pumpkin home with you too.

Follow the hashtag #IDigWaterloo for photos, videos, and travel inspiration.

- Aaron Buzza, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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It's September, which means it's only the beginning of the pumpkin spice craze. From pork to popcorn, you don't have to travel far within the Cedar Valley to find some great fall-inspired foods and drinks. And we're not limiting it to just pumpkin spice either. Dig in and check them out below...

Fall Eats Treats Drinks_Barn Happy


Restaurants across the Cedar Valley are rolling out new menus, featuring fall dishes and ingredients that are sure to comfort you all season long.

Hurricane Grill & Wings is now offering some fall favorites perfect for watching the big game. Handmade Chicken Tenders, BLT Chicken Tacos, an amazing Steak Sandwich, plus plenty of fall beers to choose from.

The Hy-Vee Market Grille in Waterloo has added a couple of new food and drink items to their fall menu as well. They have several Charcuterie Boards to choose from, which include a variety of selected cheeses, artisan meats and accompaniments with complementing flavors. They'll also be featuring unlimited boneless or bone-in chicken wings in the sauce of your choice, served with unlimited French fries too. Lastly, top off your meal with a Pumpkin Pie or Caramel Coffee Martini.

Farmer's Pick Buffet, The Lone Wolf, and Otis & Henry's Steakhouse (all located inside the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo) will be celebrating National Pork Month in October. Choose from Grilled Pork Chops with Pineapple Salsa, BBQ Pork Pizza, Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Shrimp and so much more. Did we mention bacon? Because you'll see it on quite a few of their menu items, including dessert.

Fall Eats Treats Drinks_Lone Wolf

Back by popular demand, Waterloo Brown Bottle has their Caramel Apple Cheesecake with homemade apple caramel topping. Pair it with one of their delicious pastas or pizzas and you definitely won't go home hungry.

Whiskey Road's new fall menu includes some great appetizers and entrees, like their Bison Burger, which features bison meat from a local farmer in Waverly. You'll also find some great fall-flavored drinks to complement any meal.

Fall Eats Treats Drinks_Whiskey Road 2


If you're looking for the traditional pumpkin treat, Barn Happy has it. Their pumpkin bars are some of the best, if not thee best, you'll find in the Cedar Valley. And their cream cheese frosting...muah! They have a delicious pumpkin cheesecake too.

Chocolaterie Stam has some amazing and almost too good to eat chocolates. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors and fall shapes shown below.

Fall Eats Treats Drinks_Chocolaterie Stam

Pumpkin fans can also get their fix in the form of ice cream from 4 Queens Dairy Cream. You'll love their Pumpkin Pie Snowstorm which includes vanilla ice cream, pumpkin and crushed graham crackers.

Mmm...popcorn. The perfect sweet treat with a little crunch. Here's What's Poppin' has a delicious Harvest Blend popcorn which includes caramel corn, peanuts, M&M's, chocolate covered pretzels and candy pumpkins. They also offer a Caramel Apple popcorn mix. Popcorn Heaven is offering two different fall-flavored popcorns this season, Apple Pie and Pumpkin Spice, and you can't go wrong with either of them. They also sell caramel apples and caramel apple chips.

Fall Eats Treats Drinks_Popcorn

And we can't leave out cupcakes. If there's a flavor, it can be added to a cupcake. Scratch Cupcakery is carrying several fall flavors like Apple Dumpling, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Salted Caramel Pumpkin. The Pumpkin Cheesecake cupcake features a pumpkin cake, cinnamon cheesecake, cheesecake buttercream, and mini cinnamon chips.

Apple and pumpkin pies, Halloween cakes and cookies - Simply Yummy Baking Company has you covered. This bakery shop has tons of awesome treats to choose from this fall.

Fall Eats Treats Drinks_Simply Yummy


The cool fall weather is the perfect time to enjoy a warm drink at one of our great coffee or tea shops across the Cedar Valley.

Fall Eats Treats Drinks_Coffee & Tea

Cozy up by the fireplace at Cabin Coffee Co. with a coffee or one of their Caramel Apple Cider drinks. It's the perfect combination of apple, caramel and spices.

As for tea, Laughing Tree Tea has a variety of specialty teas to choose from. Their Golden Apple Spice Tea blends in the sweet taste of apples and mulled spice. Mmm...sounds like fall to us.

Other places you can enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte (aka PSL) and a yummy pastry are Cottonwood Canyon, Cup of Joe and Sidecar Coffee.

When we think of fall, we can't help but think of beer too. You can find some fantastic seasonal brews at the following local hot spots.

Fall Eats Treats Drinks_SingleSpeed Brewing

Beck's Taproom Grill will be featuring some pumpkin-inspired and Oktoberfest-style beers. Headless Heron (Central Waters Brewery), Pumpkin Down (Ballast Point Brewery), Surliest (Surly Brewing Company), and Hopzeit (Deschutes Brewery) are just a few of the beers you'll find on their wall of beers. They'll also be carrying a couple of hard apple ciders - Hoppleseed (Wilson's Orchard) and Ciderboys Royal Blueberry (Ciderboys Hard Cider).

Our friends at SingleSpeed Brewing have some new beers on tap this fall as well. They recently launched their Oktoberfest beer called 16 Days, along with beer braised brats, beer mustard and kraut. Beer and brats...sounds like the perfect pairing. Later this fall, be sure to stop in and sip on some Cranksgiving, a Cranberry White IPA.

Do you have a favorite fall food or drink? Share it with us and we'll add it to the list!

- Annette Freeseman & Beth Keeney, Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo, SingleSpeed Brewing, Whiskey Road.

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